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Casa Di Maio Intimate Bed & Breakfast

Piedmont was once ruled by the House of Savoy with Turin as the sear of the County of Savoy. For a brief period during the 1800’s Turin was the capital of Italy with the rise of the House of Savoy as the reigning royals of Italy. Given this legacy, there are numerous architectural, cultural and historic sights to visit throughout Piedmont. There are a number of notable churches, cathedrals and museums to add variety to an itinerary of wine tasting and dining.

Cycling is a leisurely means of viewing the countryside dotted with little villages. The roads are small, comfortably shared by drivers and cyclists. Groups of cyclists are a common sight during the spring and summer weekends. Casa di Maio offers bicycles for rent. One can enjoy the scenery with the occasional stop for refreshments in a hilltop town.

The “passegiata” combines walking, wine drinking and gastronomy. The participants are each given pouch with a wine glass to carry while walking through fields and vineyards. The walkers stop at designated intervals every kilometer or two where they can rest, drink, fill up on food and enjoy some local entertainment. At each stop, a different course is served with an accompanying wine.

One doesn’t often associate golf with Piedmont, however, there are golf courses within a half hour’s drive of Casa di Maio suitable for both beginner and seasoned golfers.

There are spa facilities in the area offering both therapeutic and aesthetic thermal spring treatments. Fons Salutis, situated in Agliano Terme, provides thermal treatments for the purposes of cleansing the body and providing relief from respiratory conditions, arthritis, liver and digestive problems.

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